Gourmet walking tour with Hisa

Local Sweets and Kitchenware Hunting in Asakusa


Enjoy local sweets around Senso-ji temple in Asakusa and visit Kappabashi Dogugai, wholesale kitchenware street.


Duration: 3hours

Meeting place: Asakusa Information center


Fee:   2 persons  @ 10,000 yen 

          3 persons  @  7,000 yen



This is a walking tour to find delicious and sometimes funny local sweets and enjoy shopping on Kappabashi Street which locates 10min. Walk from Senso-ji. This huge wholesale kitchenware street has everything for restaurants owners to make their new shops ready for customers. Many of them sell the items (including famous plastic food samples!) not only for professional workers but also for the tourists. Starting off in Asakusa and ending in Tawaramachi, one station ahead from Asakusa, I will show you the sights and tastes some tourists unfortunately miss. The cost of sweets is not included except “Ningyo-yaki,” baked small cakes filled with sweet bean paste. Please find out your own kind!